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Ways to Prepare for an Interview

The excitement of appearing for an interview is always special. Thinking of what to wear and looking at the clock knowing you have just a few hours left, gets your heart racing. Thoughts like “What are they going to ask me?” or “I hope they like me as I would fancy working in a different set-up” start to creep in. We’ve all been there at some point and we know this jittery feeling when one has an interview lined up. This is the most normal feeling in the world. However, the anticipation of working in a new organisation and looking forward to meeting new people is even more exhilarating. So what does it take to prepare for an interview?

Read on for some tips and techniques to get you achieve your dream job.

Look back and don’t repeat mistakes

Take some time to ponder on the mistakes you previously made in your earlier interviews. The questions that stumped you or the ones that you aren’t very confident of answering. Try and work on them. Rehearse in front of the mirror or have mock interviews with friends and family.

Read the job description and see what is expected of you. Is it something pertaining to your skill set or is it something completely new? It’s better to go prepared rather than coming across as a person who has no idea of what s/he is doing there.

Reach on time

Prepare for all the nitty-gritty in advance. No one likes to hire a person who doesn’t value time. Arrive a few minutes early as there is no excuse for late arrival at an interview. Make sure you are smartly dressed. Wear a formal attire. A lot of people are so engrossed in thinking about what they are going to say during their interview, that they don’t pay attention to all other essential stuff. Do your hair neatly. Avoid going overboard with make-up and keep it simple. Carry a hard-copy of your resume. It doesn’t matter if you have emailed your CV to them. Take all your other important and valid documents that are required on the day of the interview.

Be Respectful

You’ve come for an interview and very soon it maybe your workplace. Hence, conduct yourself in a respectable manner no matter who you meet at the lobby. Greet the interviewer with a smile and always wait until you are offered a chair. Check your posture and look alert. This is it, your moment of glory. Give it all you’ve got and start speaking from your heart. Don’t forget to convey your plus points sincerely and factually. You need to remember, you are there for a reason and this is the time to make them realise why they need an employee like you.


Try not to dodge a question. If you are asked a question that makes you uncomfortable, be direct as to why you can’t give an answer. For the questions that you can answer, you can be elaborate, but to the point. Share your experiences about the job you previously did and answer questions frankly and concisely. Never make derogatory remarks about your previous or current boss, colleagues or company. Make the most of your last minutes. Ask questions if you are invited to do so. Questions like, “What are the growth prospects in this role?” or “Can you describe the workplace culture in this organisation?” End the interview on a good note. If the interview hasn’t, you can ask the time-frame for when you’ll know if you have cleared the first round of the interview process. Regardless of what the outcome maybe, always be polite. You would want people to remember you as someone who they loved talking to. Potential employers appreciate an eager and a positive job applicant. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Good Luck!

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